Common Problems Raccoons Cause

Raccoons are just like having uninvited visitors: they show up without inviting them, eat all the leftovers, and leave your place a mess. Although they are cute and furry, raccoons can be very annoying and in some cases, downright dangerous to have with around you.


Raccoons are habitual creatures. This is because once they find your house; they will make it a regular part of their stomping grounds. Some of the signs of raccoon activities include, but most commonly, garbage cans tipped over and garbage scattered across the home. Dead birds are also signs of a raccoon problem as well as raccoon droppings. In some cases, raccoons can cause damage to attics or roofs. The dangerous one is that raccoons are wild animals, and they can carry large numbers of diseases, including rabies that is deadly to humans and pets.


Raccoons can fight and become violent when they come across attacks. They are equipped with sharp teeth and claws, which makes them strong enough to carry out serious harm to a human if they are threatened or attacked. There are several accounts of kids and adults who have been disfigured by raccoon attacks. They are also known to inflict wounds on dogs and cats as well. Like other wild animals, raccoons will be more likely to attack if they are cornered, threatened, or protecting their young ones.

Raccoons sometimes take up shelter in outbuildings, sheds, under porches, or in the attics. If there is a safe, close place that they are able to get into, they will be happy to stay there, especially if there is heat there. This is why these critters are sometimes found nesting just outside dryer vents.

Electrical damage

Raccoons love burrowing into walls and ceilings; this is because of the warmth and shelter they enjoy there. But sadly, they can damage the electrical wiring of your home. Raccoons can chew through electrical wires, thereby leaving naked wire and unsafe conditions in your walls.

Spread of diseases

Raccoons are known carrier of parasites. Just like the way other wild animals stay alone. They can be carrying fleas, ticks, mites, all of which will bring problems if a raccoon takes up residence inside your home.

Damage to gardens

If raccoons could not find their way into your home, they can also cause a lot of damage outside of your home. As discussed earlier, raccoons love to dig holes in lawns to hide their treasures, which lead to destroyed lawns.

They can dig up garden plants and other vegetation and chew on young tree bark. They can also dig into and rip apart trash bags, spewing trash around your home. In addition, once they have done this, they will keep doing it.

Bad air quality

The feces and other waste deposited in your wall by raccoons can damage the air quality in your home. You may only notice a stink at first, which will only get worse as time goes on. Even once you identify the issue, solving the problem completely will be hard since it will be difficult to identify the exact location it is coming from.

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